The Best Liquor with Eggnog

This post isn’t exactly timely, but hey, you can still drink eggnog, right? Over the holidays I conducted a Highly Scientific Experiment with four different types of liquor and how they paired with store-bought eggnog. The liquors were: brandy, rum, whiskey, and bourbon (I did not try tequila and gin. Gross. If you’ve tried them, though, feel free to share).

The proportions I used for my Highly Scientific Experiment were 2 oz liquor to 6 oz store-bought eggnog (you can make your own eggnog, but I already had the store-bought stuff on hand). I sampled my test examples over the period of several weeks.

I didn’t expect a huge difference in results, but it turned out there was very definite winner to my Highly Scientific Experiment: rum (Bacardi light to be specific). I expected I would prefer brandy, since I love brandy, and that’s usually the liquor I add to eggnog anyway; but the rum was literally perfect with the eggnogg, lightening the flavor of the drink with no unpleasant bite or aftertaste. The runner-up was bourbon, which had a good flavor but made the eggnog look like it was curdling. So that was unappetizing.

The two losers—whiskey and brandy—just tasted slightly off in the eggnog, especially the whiskey (and I used a very light, blended whiskey, too). Perhaps if I’d added less liquor in proportion to the eggnog with these liquors, I would have had a better-tasting drink.

So there you have it! What’s your favorite thing to add to eggnog (besides nutmeg of course)?