Cocktail Apps

I usually review cocktail books here, but there’s another resource for finding cocktail recipes—mobile apps! Here are three that I’ve found to be good resources:

Mad Men Cocktail Culture

Mad men cocktail culture

Price: 99 cents

This was one of the first cocktail apps I downloaded. I really like the design, and the cocktails are all classic. There’s also a “game” where you mix a virtual cocktail and then virtually drink it, which is kind of fun/stupid (fupid?). For the most part, this app is totally worth 99 cents, but sometimes the recipes contain obvious editorial errors and it can have issues loading and running smoothly.

Food & Wine Cocktails

food and wine cocktail app

Price: Free

This is one of the fanciest cocktail apps I’ve come across. Design-wise it’s fabulous, and you can search through a dizzying variety of cocktails by spirit, type, and food pairings. There are lists of top bars and lots of information to help novice mixers. F&W constantly updates the app with holiday drinks and cocktails of the week. The main issue I have with this app is that a lot of the cocktails are either expensive or difficult to make, with obscure ingredients. And because the design is so complex, the app can lag or crash, especially if you have a low battery. Overall, though, I think this is worth the download just for the pictures and the cocktail of the week alerts.

Cocktail Flow

cocktail flow app

Price: Free

This is a random app I downloaded that has turned into one of my favorite cocktail apps! The design isn’t as fancy as the Mad Men Cocktail Culture or F&W app, but Cocktail flow runs reliably and has some great, unique cocktail recipes (for certain liquors, gin and brandy specifically. Fortunately I like gin and brandy cocktails). You can enter the spirits you have into a search function and it will automatically list all the cocktails you can make, as well as suggest ingredients to buy to make the most out of the liquor you already have on hand. Pretty neat! You can search for cocktails by base liquor, type, and color, and buy additional cocktail guides for specific holidays at 99 cents each. This one is DEFINITELY worth the download, and it’s free.

Do you use cocktail apps, and are there any you’d recommend?