Liquid Persuasion Recommends

These are my current favorite cocktails that I would recommend. If you need a recommendation for something not listed here, ask via Tumblr or tweet me @heidenkind.

Best Margarita:

Double Margarita from Mr. Boston’s Official Bartender and Party Guide

best margarita recipe

  Best Manhattan: Perfect manhattan with Canadian Club Whiskey and celery bitters best manhattan recipe

  Best Manhattan Variation: Mr. Boston’s Metropolitan

  Favorite Obscure Olde Timey-Cocktail:


best sidecar recipe

  Best Collins Variation: Amaretto Rose (tastes more like an Italian soda than a cocktail)

best collins cocktail

Best Lady Brunch Cocktail:

Strawberry Gin Fizz

best brunch cocktail recipe

Favorite After-Dinner Desert Cocktail:


best desert cocktail

Best Muckity-Muck Gin Coctail:

Gin Rickey

gin rickey

Best Highball:

Horse’s Neck

best horse's neck recipe

Best Super-Obscure, Rock Your Fancy Pants Off Cocktail: Bombay Cocktail

best obscure cocktail recipe

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