Drinking Hours

It’s well-known that writers generally like to have a drink or two or five, as the premise of this blog testifies. But what happens when one spends more time drinking than writing?

Brendan Behan once said, “I’m a drinker with writing problems,” and when you’re your own boss and make your own hours, keeping business and pleasure separate can certainly be a problem. In his book, The Blogger Abides, Christopher Higgins talks about when he first started freelance writing. Every day he’d go to the pub to write children’s novels and have a pint. Then he’d have another pint and write some more. And then another pint. Point is, he wrote a whole series of children’s novels drunk (and hopefully edited sober) before he realized the need for “drinking hours,” which he recommends to every freelance writer.

I usually never drink before dinner, and we usually have dinner around 8 pm. I just can’t face drinking on an empty stomach; and besides that, I have things to do. I’m uncoordinated enough without adding alcohol to the mix.

Out of curiosity, do you keep “drinking hours”?

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